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  Today we are celebrating our first month, so we traslated the post with more views. Hope you like it!!

When stories don’t grow.

Have you heard to talk about flash fictions? Or super short story? Or Micro tale? Or nano story? As you want to name them. A flash fiction is that, a story made in few words, in extension never more than a sheet.
One of the flash fictions more known and renowned is “El Dinosaurio” (The Dinosaur” by Agusto Monterroso

“Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí.”
("When [s]he awoke, the dinosaur was still there.")

In only 7 words, Monterroso gave us a story that includes different connotations and different techniques among them “The Coleridge effect”.

Flash fictions are a good option when you have an idea for a story but is not enough for a tale. Maybe you can find them easy, and sometimes absurd. But from my point of view these are very creative and witty.

Here are some flash fictions. Ale and I wrote them in a Writers workshop. Creative Written teach by Carolina Aranda.

(S)He was falling for a deep vertical. At least, (s)he was about to end with his(her) troubles and his(hers) miserable life. Suddenly someone pushed the restart button.

Global Warming
And the polar bear woke up from his hibernation and glad he saw in the back yard the pool he always wanted it.

The “burro”
María had been inviting to have dinner in her mother in law’s house. She was a newlywed. Her husband Ramon and her brothers in law were in there for the meal. While they chatting with their Mother, Maria remembered her mother in law borrowed her a burro to iron clothes (means donkey, but in Mexico is also a name for the iron board) a few weeks before and because she went out in a rush, she forgot it.
“Doña Meche” Maria said interrupting the Mother and sons conversation.
“What is going on?” Doña Meche asked.
“There I have your burro, I’m going to bring you back” Maria informed her with a nervous smile.
One of her brothers in law, looked at her and then told to his mother.
“Did you her ‘ama” he said “she wants to return Ramon to you”.

By Alejandra Maraveles.

Wind blows with a lot of strength, and I didn’t even imagine. I saw how the airstream had taken my nose.

The apparent wart that was his (hers) companion on the left cheek all his(hers) life. Amused appeared 7 legs to run away from old age.

Good Fisherman.
Today I catch a cold without bait. My parents were so proud to encouraged me to serve it on the table. When the dinner was over my family was delighting for the moist feast.

All week my body has kept a 158°F temperature. My family didn’t know what to do, not even doctors. When I woke up from my afternoon nap a pot filled of soup was heating up on my belly button. And in my shoulders my little brothers were roasting marshmallows.

By Karla Medrano.

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