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Those Japanese’s cartoons

Today, I wanted to talk about something that was in first place what made me feel some confidence in order to write. So many years ago, from Japan arrive to Mexico something that people name “Japanese’s cartoons”. As a kid I watched them as they broadcast them, but It was until later that I knew those cartoons as people named them, were something more. They are animes or Japanese’s animations. And that those animes are based on mangas (Japanese’s comics)

Maybe you are wondering why Am I talking about it?, well, all my life I’ve been found on writing, but It was only when I wrote a fanfiction (yes, a lot of writers have written some of them) and then I realized I have skills in develop more complex and very long stories.

But, why did I write a fanfiction from an anime? Well, first let me tell you, that an Anime is not a simple cartoon, there is a lot of genders, from topics as well the public is made for. Lots of them are far away to be for children. The ones are for kids are named “kodomo”, this gender is the one that could enter into cartoon category, From teenagers public animes are separate if is directed to Boys or Girls. Why the difference?  Well for teens boys is “shonen” where the lead is taken for a boy and it can include magic elements as well as sports. For girls, is “Shojo”, commonly the lead is taken for girls and develop romantic elements. But there is not all, there are for mature audience. For men is “seinen”. Where topics are more mature. In them they talk about death, wars, politic plots… while for women is “Josei”, where the story is about job situatitons, romantic relationships and even marriage situations.

This is the basic classification. Because is also a divided by topic, there is even a gender that is for +18, something like XXX movies.

The first cartoons to arrive to Mexico were shojos, there were stories made for teenager, but because there were animations, all children have Access to them. At difference from a cartoon, those animes had a typical argument from a novel, a complex development ant talking about some issues unknown from certain kids such as death, honor and sacrifice. We have to understand  those first animes were Occidental Stories from Oriental point of view. Sometimes these point of view were shocking and understandable for young kids.

As I was growing up, I began to understand some of those things. Something inside of me was born. I wanted to write… so I wrote fanfictions. That gave me a lot of confidence. Publish online fanfictions, and to have readers to give a lot of support, made me think that write was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Personally I think those stories have influenced me in a way that even though I’m not writing some story I can give the profound and the complexity such as animes have. Until this moment I continue enjoying reading mangas and watching animes.

I don’t know if someday I will free myself from spell that anime put on me. And I’m not sure if I want to be freed either.

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