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Cult film.

Which is the worst hell in this world?... Lots of people will answer war, society. But no other place aggregate all hells like: School. This film begins when Cady, daughter of zoologist parents, has been raised at home, and not just that, she has been living in Africa, in a wild environment, with animals and researching. She arrives to the city because her parents have a new job. The change would like to be really different, but the true is that she goes out from a savage place to enter a more savage one. 

Why someone suffers in school?... no to fit, who decides who is in and who is out?... that’s right! The Queen Bee. In this film, that queen has a name: Regina George. And yes, she is that girl, that you can hate and love at the same time. All praises and all vile insults are for her. Cady in a macabre game to fit, ends up following the instructions of her first friends: Janis and Demian, to get revenge from Regina George.

Cady, gets to be Regina’s friend and part of her entourage, and in this way she planned to ruin her. First, taken away her friends, her boyfriend and her hot body. But with this, she may end becoming in the last thing she wants: the new queen bee.


The story goes further of a simple girls’ movie. It’s a lot more than that. It’s to enter to society’s psychology.  A hypocritical society that is compared with an animal kingdom. This film is full of good quotes, that makes you wonder and think in deepest issues. It’s cynical. But the best in this movie are the characters, well defined, well achieved, and they bring all the life to the story. None of the actions are forced, they look really natural. Just beware, because after watch it your mean side, your Regina Gorge side may turn on. 


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