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Answer me 1997

This is a K-Drama named in korean as응답하라 1997, and the Romanization is Eungdabhala 1997. It has 16 episodes. It belongs to a new network in South Korea. TVN, which in a few years it has working they have showed stories that other networks have rejected. 

This drama has two particularities that are different from other dramas, each episode is about one year in the life of the characters. The story begins at 1997 and end in 2012. Although is not accurately to say that ends because it really begins in 2012 when ex-classmates from high school are having a reunion, there Siwon and her friends remembered what happened to them since 1997 when some of them met for the first time, that is because Yoonje is a Siwon’s childhood friend.

The  other thing i show they mark technology aspects as years are passing by. Since cellphones started to work, till internet, computers and Discs reproducers.
Siwon is a girl that is obsessed with K-pop band H.O.T and in the development of the story even though is really deep because it tells us about family issues all the time the story has the company of humor for the fan girl.

Yoonje is a handsome guy, intelligent and good in sports. Inside of school he has a secret, his brother is one of the teachers as the same as him  is very handsome and has a brilliant past, someone how could be whoever he wanted it to be. So everyone in the school wonders how someone like him chose to be a simple teacher.

Other of the things is that TVN dared to show an element that other networks avoid in South Korea. The story has a gay character. And no to make fun of him, but to show us how he struggles with relationships, how he suffers and how he gets disappointed. The Transition from wounded soul into an adult who has scars for love.

These complications in the story become mature as episodes pass by, because years are also passing in the story.

I really recommended it, because even though is from a different culture, you can always feel related with the human condition, with those moments in teenager years and all mistakes we made to become adults.

On my particular point of view I felt very identified with a lot of situations, It made me laugh and cry.

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